Package genshi :: Package template :: Module base :: Class BadDirectiveError

Class BadDirectiveError

              object --+                
exceptions.BaseException --+            
        exceptions.Exception --+        
                   TemplateError --+    
                 TemplateSyntaxError --+

Exception raised when an unknown directive is encountered when parsing a template.

An unknown directive is any attribute using the namespace for directives, with a local name that doesn't match any registered directive.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, name, filename=None, lineno=-1)
Create the exception

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Instance Variables

Inherited from TemplateError: filename, lineno, msg, offset


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Method Details

__init__(self, name, filename=None, lineno=-1)

Create the exception
  • name - the name of the directive
  • filename - the filename of the template
  • lineno - the number of line in the template at which the error occurred
Overrides: object.__init__