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Class InjectorTransformation

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Known Subclasses:

Abstract base class for transformations that inject content into a stream.

>>> class Top(InjectorTransformation):
...     def __call__(self, stream):
...         for event in self._inject():
...             yield event
...         for event in stream:
...             yield event
>>> html = HTML('<body>Some <em>test</em> text</body>')
>>> print(html | Transformer('.//em').apply(Top('Prefix ')))
Prefix <body>Some <em>test</em> text</body>
Instance Methods
__init__(self, content)
Create a new injector.

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Method Details

__init__(self, content)

Create a new injector.
  • content - An iterable of Genshi stream events, or a string to be injected.
Overrides: object.__init__