The four roles

Euphorie recognizes four different types of users:

  1. Manage users. These are commonly SYSLAB staff members. Managers have full access to the entire site.
  2. Country managers. These are responsible for managing all sectors and country-specific content in the site.
  3. Sector users. Every sector is an account, and has full edit and publish access to itself and all data inside its sector.
  4. Anonymous visitors. These have no access at all.

Each user type is registered as a role in Plone. The standard Plone roles (Member, Reviewer, Reader, Editor and Contributor) are not used in Euphorie. The Sector role is special: unlike the other roles it is managed as a local role in a sector object.


Data inside a euphorie.content.sector.Sector object has no workflow; all permissions are inherited from the Sector object itself. These are managed via a single-state sector workflow.

This approach has two advantages: it centralizes the management of permissions in a single location and workflow, and it makes it possible for the online client to copy the survey to another location with diffferent security settings, without having to update permissions inside the survey.

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