interface euphorie.content.sector.ISector

Extends: plone.directives.form.schema.Schema, euphorie.content.user.IUser,

Sector object.

A sector is a national organisation for a specific type of industry.

class euphorie.content.sector.Sector(id=None, **kwargs)

A sector of industry.

A sector also acts as a user account in the system, using the membrane framework.


Return a list of all surveys for the current sector.

The return value is a sorted list of dictionaries describing the surveygroups for the sector. Each dictionary has the following keys:

  • id: surveygroup id
  • title surveygroup title
  • url: URL for the surveygroup
  • published: boolean indicating if this surveygroup is published
  • surveys: list of surveys for the surveygroup. Each entry is a dictionary with the following keys:
    • id: survey id
    • title: survey title
    • url: URL for the survey
    • published: boolean indicating if this survey is the currently published version of the surveygroup
    • current: boolean indicating if the context is inside this survey
    • versions: list of published versions

Account support

class euphorie.content.sector.SectorLocalRoleProvider(context)

borg.localrole provider for ISector instances.

This local role provider gives the sector user itself the Sector local role.


class euphorie.content.sector.View(context, request)
class euphorie.content.sector.ColourPreview(context, request)
class euphorie.content.sector.Settings(context, request)

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