interface euphorie.client.client.IClient

Extends: plone.directives.form.schema.Schema,

The online client.

The online client is implemented as a container with all available surveys. The default view for all survey elements inside this container is changed to the client user interface. This is done using a simple traversal adapter.

class euphorie.client.client.Client(id=None, **kwargs)

Base class for folderish items

Account support

class euphorie.client.client.ClientUserProvider(context)

Expose the client as a user to the system.

This is used as ownership for all client data.

class euphorie.client.client.ClientLocalRolesProvider(client)

borg.localrole provider for IClient instances.

This local role provider gives the client user itself the CountryManager local role. This allows publication of surveys inside the client since the publication machinery always runs under the client user.

Traversal logic

class euphorie.client.client.ClientPublishTraverser(context, request)

Publish traverser to setup the skin layer.

This traverser marks the request with IClientSkinLayer. We can not use BeforeTraverseEvent since in Zope 2 that is only fired for site objects.

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