deliverance.stringmatch – matcher for strings

Represents the string and header matching that is used to determine page classes.


Module Contents

deliverance.stringmatch.compile_matcher(s, default=None)

Compiles the match string to a match object.

Match objects are callable objects that return a boolean.

deliverance.stringmatch.compile_header_matcher(s, default='exact')

Compiles the match header string to a match object.

Unlike simple match objects, these match against a dictionary of headers.

This also applies the the environ dictionary. Case-sensitivity is handled by the dictionary, not the matcher.

exception deliverance.stringmatch.MatchSyntaxError

Raised if you have an invalid expression in a matcher

Internal Classes

class deliverance.stringmatch.Matcher(pattern)
class deliverance.stringmatch.WildcardMatcher(pattern)

Matches a value against a pattern that may contain * wildcards.

class deliverance.stringmatch.WildcardInsensitiveMatcher(pattern)

Matches a value, ignoring case, against a pattern with wildcards.

class deliverance.stringmatch.RegexMatcher(pattern)

Matches a value against a regular expression.

class deliverance.stringmatch.PathMatcher(pattern)

Matches a value against a path. This checks prefixes, but also only matches /-delimited segments.

class deliverance.stringmatch.ExactMatcher(pattern)

Matches a string exactly.

class deliverance.stringmatch.ExactInsensitiveMatcher(pattern)

Matches a string exactly, but ignoring case.

class deliverance.stringmatch.ContainsMatcher(pattern)

Matches if the value contains the pattern.

class deliverance.stringmatch.ContainsInsensitiveMatcher(pattern)

Matches if the value contains the pattern, ignoring case.

class deliverance.stringmatch.BooleanMatcher(pattern)

Matches according to a boolean true/falseness of a value

class deliverance.stringmatch.HeaderMatcher(header, pattern)

Matches simple “Header: pattern”. Does not match wildcard headers.

class deliverance.stringmatch.HeaderWildcardMatcher(header, pattern)

Matches “Header*: pattern”, where the header contains a wildcard.