deliverance.exceptions – shared exception objects

Exceptions for use throughout Deliverance


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exception deliverance.exceptions.DeliveranceError(msg=None, request=None, element=None, source_location=None)

Superclass for all deliverance exceptions

In addition to a message, this can have a request and element attached to it. Elements are the objects (maybe XML, or maybe not) that is applicable.

exception deliverance.exceptions.DeliveranceSyntaxError(msg=None, request=None, element=None, source_location=None)

Exception raised when there is a syntax error in some file

exception deliverance.exceptions.AbortTheme

Raised (and caught) when the theming of a request should be aborted.

exception deliverance.exceptions.AbortProxy

Raised (and caught) when a proxy rule should be ignored


deliverance.exceptions.add_exception_info(info, exc_info=None)

Add the given information to the exception (typically context information)

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