2.0.2 (2016-08-26)

  • added explicit setContext() to BaseWrapper class for setting a custom connector class

2.0.0 (2016-08-18)

  • full compatibility with Plone 5.0 (limited to Plone 5.1 alpha)
  • replaced with agGrid
  • major UI changes
  • updated to latest ACE version
  • switch to Dropzone.js for multi-file uploads

1.6.1 (2016-04-08)

  • improved unicode filename handling across drivers
  • PEP8 fixes

1.6.0 (2016-03-18)

  • experimental native Dropbox support (requires installed ‘dropbox’ SDK for Python using ‘pip install dropbox’ or by adding ‘dropbox’ as dependency inside your buildout) - not ready for production
  • workaround for sporadic open() failures with Exist-DB: open() will be tried up to three times (with a slight delay between calls in order to give the backend a chance to recover in between)
  • support for latest plone.api releases (which minor monkey patch)
  • move restapi permission checks to ZCML configuration
  • updated to ACE 1.2.3
  • updated to DataTables 1.10.11
  • support for latest plone.api release

1.5.0 (2016-02-17)

  • huge internal renaming: renamed all webdav_* variables to connector_*
  • adjusted tests to Marc Logic Server

1.4.2 (2016-02-02)

  • fix in restapi in the context of local fs tests

1.4.1 (2016-01-18)

  • pass query string down to redirection call within __call__()

1.4.0 (2016-01-11)

  • new REST API

1.3.0 (2015-12-20)

  • added ‘create_if_not_existing’ parameter to webdav_handle() method
  • added ensuredir() to wrapper base class

1.3.0b1 (2015-10-15)

  • support for OSFS (local filesystem), S3
  • individual per-connector URL configuration
  • support for multi-file uploads
  • unicode fixes in the context of testing federated cloud solutions
  • massive amount of smaller internal and UI fixes
  • lots of testing with different storage backends
  • updated tests

1.2.0 (2015-09-29)

  • refactored zip export functionality
  • new supported WebDAV storage backends:
    • Alfresco
    • Owncloud
    • Dropbox (via SaaS)

1.1.1 (2015-08-25)

  • updated selenium version pin
  • better encapsulation of the DataTables Javascript initialization code in local.js
  • fixed integration bug in Plone 5.0

1.1.0 (2015-08-21)

  • some CSS styles fine-tuning
  • added optional dirs parameter to ZIP export API for exporting only a subset of the export directory structure
  • added control panel functionality for installing Exist-DB specific RESTXQ script (e.g. all-locks.xql which is needed by the lockmanager introspection control panel for getting hold of all locks).
  • ZIP import now works inside the given subdirectory and no longer only on the top level directory of the connector
  • delete actions for collections and collection items
  • delete actions now ask for confirmation
  • massive speedup of ZIP import by reducing and caching WebDAV operations
  • using for collections and collection items
  • ZIP export/import is now more robust with directories or filenames containing non-ascii characters
  • improved Plone 5.0 integration

1.0.4 (2015-07-22)

  • updated ACeditor to version 1.2.0

1.0.3 (2015-07-22)

  • using for connector logging view instead of TableUtils JS

1.0.2 (2015-06-12)

  • updated Saxon 6.0.6HE
  • added get_last_user(), get_last_date() to logger API for getting hold of the username performing the last logger entry

1.0.0 (2015-05-30)

  • using defusedxml module for protecting XML Director against malicious data and XML related security attacks
  • added support for ‘force_default_view’ URL parameter to enforce redirection to the default anonymous view
  • support for logging HTML messages

0.4.2 (2015-04-11)

  • updated lxml, cssselect dependencies to newest versions
  • analyzed XSD parsing slowness and logging/warning long-running XSD parsing
  • first serious take on Plone 5.0 compatibility on the UI level (backend tests have been always passing but we had serious UI issues until 5.0 beta 1 and there are still issues). Plone 5 beta support is work-in-progress and not fully completed.

0.4.1 (2015-04-07)

  • added entry_by_uuid() to PersistentLogAdapter API
  • fixed unicode issues with uploaded binaries/images with non-ascii filenames
  • added ‘version_suffix’ parameter to parser_folder() of validator registry
  • Javascript cleanup

0.4.0 (2015-02-18)

  • added @@transformer-registery view
  • added @@transformer-registery-view view
  • updated xmldirector.demo to use Transformer registry
  • added (optional) debug option for debugging Transformer steps (input and output data of a step is written to disk)
  • added more tests
  • support for XSLT2+3 transformations by integrating Saxon 9.6 HE

0.3.6 (2015-02-06)

  • re-added Dexterity tests
  • added validator registry for XML schemas, DTDs, Schematron files and RelaxNG schemas
  • added @@validator-registry view
  • added unified validation API based on registered validation files
  • documented validator registry

0.3.5 (2015-01-30)

  • rewritten persistent logger internals: now uses an OOBTree for holding all logging entries instead of a persistent list in order to support filtering of log entries by min-max values
  • logger table now uses a paginated view with searchable columns
  • webdav password setting is no longer required (empty password allowed)
  • fixed Webdav authentication issue with empty passwords
  • moved demo related code into a dedicated package xmldirector.demo

0.3.4 (2015-01-13)

  • default view handler accept a custom request/filename argument in order to override the name of downloaded file
  • fixed bug in view registry with BrowserView as view handler
  • added PersistentLoggerAdapter for adopting arbitrary persistent objects for persistent logging through a Zope annotation

0.3.3 (2015-01-05)

  • running the tests should not leave any testing directory traces within the XML databases
  • almost 100% test coverage for the core functionality
  • more tests
  • added documentation on content-types

0.3.2 (2014-12-30)

  • SHA256 calculation for xml content now generated in a more stable way (but possibly much slower way)
  • API for service-side XML validation
  • added Docker support
  • added XSLT registry
  • added Shakespeare XML data for XMLDocument demo content-type
  • added ‘’ script for running tests against BaseX and eXist-db Docker containers

0.3.1 (2014-12-12)

  • added Test connection button to controlpanel
  • moved test content type into a dedicated profile democontent
  • Moved metadata handling from JSON to XML on the storage layer in order to let the underlaying database index the .metadata.xml files as well

0.3.0 (2014-12-11)

  • renamed zopyx.existdb to xmldirector.plonecore
  • experimental Dexterity support with four new fields:
    • XMLText - for XML content
    • XMLXPath - for referencing XMLText parts through an XPath expression
    • XMLImage and XMLBinary - same as image and file fields in Dexterity but with eXist-db as storage layer
  • removed emulation configuration option
  • added as dependency
  • upgraded to ACE editor V 1.1.8
  • added progressbar for zip_upload()
  • added support for importing a single file through the ZIP import form into the current subdirectory

0.2.11 (2014-11-08)

  • updated documentation

0.2.10 (2014-11-08)

  • bugfix release

0.2.9 (2014-11-01)

  • support for overriding credentials locally

0.2.8 (2014-11-01)

  • minor fix for mounting Plone sites over WebDAV into another Plone site

0.2.7 (2014-11-01)

  • experimental support for BaseX XML database through the WebDAV API. Limitations: REMOVE operations over WebDAV do not seem to work against BaseX 7.9

0.2.6 (2014-11-01)

  • more tests

0.2.5 (2014-10-30)

  • experimental traversal support for accessing WebDAV resources by path using (un)restrictedTraverse()
  • minor URL fixes
  • more tests

0.2.4 (2014-10-22)

  • configuration option for default view for authenticated site visitors

0.2.3 (2014-10-13)

  • fix in saving ACE editor content

0.2.2 (2014-10-12)

  • typo in page template

0.2.1 (2014-10-12)

  • added support for renaming a collection through the web

0.2.0 (2014-10-02)

  • various minor bug fixes
  • added basic tests

0.1.17 (2014-09-25)

  • fixed action links

0.1.16 (2014-09-25)

  • Connector is no longer a folderish object

0.1.15 (2014-09-22)

  • removed indexing support completely (leaving a specific indexing functionality to policy packages using zopyx.existdb)

0.1.14 (2014-09-15)

  • fixed subpath handling in create/remove collections

0.1.13 (2014-09-07)

  • support for removing collections TTW

0.1.12 (2014-09-05)

  • support for creating new collections TTW

0.1.11 (2014-08-21)

  • action “Clear log” added

0.1.10 (2014-08-05)

  • log() got a new ‘details’ parameter for adding extensive logging information

0.1.9 (2014-08-01)

  • human readable timestamps

0.1.8 (2014-07-31)

  • minor visual changes

0.1.7 (2014-07-29)

  • rewritten code exist-db browser code (dealing the correct way with paths, filenames etc.)

0.1.6 (2014-07-29)

  • fixed improper view prefix in directory browser

0.1.5 (2014-07-13)

  • minor fixes and cleanup

0.1.4 (2014-07-12)

  • made webservice query API aware of all output formats (xml, html, json)
  • timezone handling: using environment variable TZ for converting eXist-db UTC timestamps to the TZ timezone (or UTC as default) for display purposes with Plone

0.1.3 (2014-07-07)

  • added webservice API interface
  • various bug fixes

0.1.2 (2014-06-30)

  • various bug fixes

0.1.0 (2014-06-20)

  • initial release