The current package is just a set of wrapper classes for the CSU facerec2010 module, which is contained in the CSU Face Recognition Resources, where you need to download the Baseline 2011 Algorithms.

Patching the CSU Face Recognition Resources

To be compatible with the FaceRecLib, the CSU toolkit needs to be patched. If you haven’t patched it yet, please follow the set of instructions:

  1. Generate the binaries of this package without the CSU toolkit. We provide a special buildout configuration file for that:

    $ python
    $ bin/buildout -c buildout-before-patch.cfg

    This will disable the CSU code for a while.

  2. Patch the CSU toolkit by calling:

    $ bin/ [PATH_TO_YOUR_CSU_COPY]

    If you get any error message, the sources of the CSU might have changed (the latest test was done in December 2012). Please file a bug report in our GitHub page to inform us so that we can provide a new patch.

  3. Update the CSU toolkit path in the buildout.cfg file by setting the csu-dir variable via replacing the [PATH_TO_YOUR_CSU_COPY] with your actual directory:

csu-dir = /path/to/your/csu/copy

and re-generate the binaries, this time including the CSU toolkit:

.. code-block:: sh

  $ bin/buildout

or simply re-generate the binaries with the option:

$ bin/buildout buildout:csu-dir=/path/to/your/csu/copy


When you are working at Idiap, you might get a pre-patched version of the CSU Face Recognition Resources.


After patching the CSU toolkit, the original experiments of the CSU toolkit will not work any more! Maybe it is a good idea to make a save-copy of your CSU copy before applying the patch.

Verifying your Installation

After the CSU toolkit is patched, please verify that the installation works as expected. For this, please run our test environment by calling:

$ bin/nosetests

Please assure that all 6 tests pass.

Running CSU experiments with the FaceRecLib

The easiest way to run any experiment with the CSU tools is to use the FaceRecLib directly. After running the command lines above, the CSU tools should be registered as FaceRecLib Resources, i.e., they are listed in the:

$ ./bin/

and can be used on as a command line parameter like:

$ ./bin/ --preprocessing lda-ir --features lda-ir --tool lda-ir ...

Additionally, now two new baseline experiments lrpca and lda_ir can be run in using the ./bin/ script. Please check the FaceRecLib Documentation on more details on how to run face recognition experiments using the above mentioned two scripts.

One example on how to compare the CSU algorithms to other state-of-the-art algorithms using the FaceRecLib is given in our paper:

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The source code for this paper, which actually uses the FaceRecLib and this satellite package, can be found under


The source code for depends on an older version of Bob and is not (yet) ported to the new Bob version 2.0.