Wille 2.3

Wille is a framework for building data-processing pipeline-based visualisation applications.


  • Framework for building local/web-based data-processing services, pipelines and visualisation applications
  • Session-based visualisation client with support for credential and local data management
  • Embedded HTTP server for managing and publishing services and visualisations
  • Light-weight framework for creating web applications / visualisations
  • Stable and tested implementation (doctests, test suites)


  • Requires Python 2.4 (2.5+ is recommended)
  • Works with CPython and Jython
  • Python 3 is not supported

Wille is released under a very permissive, BSD-style license (see LICENSE.txt)

Wille was originally developed as part of the OPAALS project <http://www.opaals.org>.

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