Source code for wheezy.web.templates


[docs]class MakoTemplate(object): """ Integration with Mako templates. """ __slots__ = ('template_lookup') def __init__( self, directories=None, module_directory='/tmp/mako_modules', cache=None, **kwargs): from mako.lookup import TemplateLookup if cache is None: self.template_lookup = TemplateLookup( directories=directories or ['content/templates'], module_directory=module_directory, **kwargs) else: from mako.cache import register_plugin register_plugin('wheezy', 'wheezy.web.templates', 'MakoCacheImpl') self.template_lookup = TemplateLookup( directories=directories or ['content/templates'], module_directory=module_directory, cache_impl='wheezy', cache_args={'cache': cache}, **kwargs) def __call__(self, template_name, kwargs): template = self.template_lookup.get_template(template_name) return template.render(**kwargs)
class MakoCacheImpl(object): __slots__ = ('cache', 'prefix') pass_context = False def __init__(self, cache): self.cache = cache.template.cache_args['cache'] self.prefix = def get_or_create(self, key, creation_function, **kwargs): namespace = kwargs.get('namespace', None) value = self.cache.get(self.prefix + key, namespace) if value is None: value = creation_function() self.cache.add(self.prefix + key, value, int(kwargs.get('time', 0)), namespace) return value def set(self, key, value, **kw): raise NotImplementedError() def get(self, key, **kw): raise NotImplementedError() def invalidate(self, key, **kw): raise NotImplementedError()
[docs]class TenjinTemplate(object): """ Integration with Tenjin templates. """ __slots__ = ('engine', 'helpers') def __init__( self, path=None, pp=None, helpers=None, encoding='UTF-8', postfix='.html', cache=None, **kwargs): import tenjin tenjin.set_template_encoding(encoding) from tenjin.helpers import capture_as, captured_as, cache_as try: # pragma: nocover from webext import escape_html as escape except ImportError: # pragma: nocover from tenjin.helpers import escape # noqa from wheezy.core.comp import str_type self.helpers = { 'to_str': str_type, 'escape': escape, 'capture_as': capture_as, 'captured_as': captured_as, 'cache_as': cache_as, 'tenjin': tenjin } if helpers: self.helpers.update(helpers) self.engine = tenjin.Engine( path=path or ['content/templates'], postfix=postfix, cache=cache or tenjin.MemoryCacheStorage(), pp=pp, **kwargs) def __call__(self, template_name, kwargs): return self.engine.render(template_name, kwargs, self.helpers)
[docs]class Jinja2Template(object): """ Integration with Jinja2 templates. """ def __init__(self, env): assert env self.env = env def __call__(self, template_name, kwargs): return self.env.get_template(template_name).render(kwargs)
[docs]class WheezyTemplate(object): """ Integration with wheezy.template. """ def __init__(self, engine): assert engine self.render = engine.render def __call__(self, template_name, kwargs): return self.render(template_name, kwargs, {}, {})