Source code for wheezy.caching.logging

""" `logging` module.

from hashlib import sha1

from wheezy.caching.comp import __import__
from wheezy.caching.encoding import hash_encode
from wheezy.caching.utils import total_seconds

Handler = __import__('logging', None, None, ['Handler']).Handler

class OnePassHandler(Handler):
[docs] """ One pass logging handler is used to proxy a message to inner handler once per one pass duration. """ def __init__(self, inner, cache, time, key_encode=None, namespace=None): """ Initialize the instance with the inner logging handler, cache to use, time to keep lock, key encode and namespace. """ super(OnePassHandler, self).__init__() self.inner = inner self.cache = cache self.time = total_seconds(time) self.key_encode = key_encode or hash_encode(sha1) self.namespace = namespace def emit(self, record):
[docs] """ Emit a record. Use log record message as a key in cache. """ key = self.key_encode(record.getMessage()) if self.cache.add(key, record.created, self.time, self.namespace): self.inner.emit(record)