Source code for velruse

[docs]class AuthenticationComplete(object): """ An AuthenticationComplete context object""" def __init__(self, profile=None, credentials=None, provider_name=None, provider_type=None): """Create an AuthenticationComplete object with user data""" self.profile = profile self.credentials = credentials self.provider_name = provider_name self.provider_type = provider_type
[docs]class AuthenticationDenied(object): """ An AuthenticationDenied context object. Used when the provider returned successfully but without proper credentials. This may be the case if the user cancels the login.""" def __init__(self, reason=None, provider_name=None, provider_type=None): self.reason = reason self.provider_name = provider_name self.provider_type = provider_type
[docs]def login_url(request, name): """ Generate the login URL for a provider.""" registry = request.registry provider = registry.velruse_providers[name] return request.route_url(provider.login_route)