class vectorformats.Formats.Django.Django(*args, **kwargs)

This class is designed to decode a Django QuerySet object into Feature.Vector objects.

Simply pass a query_set to the decode method, and it will return a list of Features.

Example Usage:

>>> from vectorformats.Formats import Django, GeoJSON
>>> qs = Model.objects.filter(city="Cambridge")
>>> djf = Django.Django(geodjango="geometry", properties=['city', 'state'])
>>> geoj = GeoJSON.GeoJSON()
>>> string = geoj.encode(djf.decode(qs))
>>> print string 
If you have GeoDjango geometry columns, set this to the name of the geometry column.
If you are not using GeoDjango, but have instead stored your geometry as pickled GeoJSON geometries in a column in GeoDjango, set the pickled_geometry=True option in your class constructor.
A column in the database representing a pickled set of attributes. This will be used in addition to any properties in the ‘properties’ list, with the list as a preference.
List of properties you want copied from the model to the output object.

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