vcs 0.4.0 documentation

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How to contribute

There are a lot of ways people may contribute to vcs. First of all, if you spot a bug please file it at issue tracker. Moreover, if you feel you can fix the problem on your own and want to contribute to vcs, just fork from your preferred scm and send us your pull request.


Oh, some codes may be very ugly. If you spot ugly code, file a bug/clean it/ make it more readable/send us a note.


As we do various version control systems, we also try to be flexible at where code resides and therefor, could be accessed by wider audience.

We are going to create one official repository per supported backend.

How to write backend

Don’t see you favorite scm at supported backends but like vcs API? Writing your own backend is in fact very simple process - all the backends should extend from base backend, however, as there are a few classes that needs to be written (repository, changeset, in-memory-changeset, workingdir) one would probably want to review existing backends’ codebase.


Tests are fundamental to vcs development process. In fact we try to do TDD as much as we can, however it doesn’t always fit well with open source projects development. Nevertheless, we don’t accept patches without tests. So... test, damn it! Whole heavy-lifting is done for you already, anyway (unless you don’t intend to write new backend)!