Version 1.0.2

  • Seek operations have been restricted to the wsgi.input of POST and PUT requests. This fixes a bug with Django Admin in Django 1.2 where a view gets the POST arguments even if the request is a GET one.

Version 1.0.1 (2011-06-29)

Version 1.0.1 adds support for configuration variables which can either be None if left empty or strings otherwise. This functionality is useful when overriding settings in inherited blocks.

Version 1.0 Final (2010-07-22)

The code is the same as in the release candidate, but the documentation and the distribution metadata changed as follows:

  • Updated the URL to the (new) mailing list.
  • Removed not applicable trove classifier for the Python Package Index.
  • Mentioned that settings introduced in Django 1.2 are not yet supported by the Paste Deploy application factory.

Version 1.0 RC 1 (2010-04-26)

The fourth alpha proved to very stable as no bugs were found, so it’s being released as is, as a Release Candidate with one minor modification:

  • Corrected URL to 2degrees license in the docstrings.

Version 1.0 Alpha 4 (2010-03-29)

  • Added twod.wsgi.factories.add_media_to_app(), which receives a Django powered WSGI application and returns a WSGI application which serves the entire Web site (including the media).
  • Fixed typos in the documentation: The django_settings_module option in PasteDeploy Application Factory for Django was being put in the [DEFAULT] section; the right location is an application section.
  • Paste itself was not a requirement in, people who didn’t have it installed already would get ImportError exceptions.

Version 1.0 Alpha 3 (2010-03-11)

Fixed another packaging problem: was not included in the final distribution. This time it was certainly our fault.

Version 1.0 Alpha 2 (2010-03-08)

Fixed embarrassing and inexplicable packaging problem caused by setuptools (the VERSION.txt file was supposed to be included in the distribution but it wasn’t).

Version 1.0 Alpha 1 (2010-03-08)

Initial release. Comprehensively tested and documented.