What’s New


  • tronweb was replaced with a clientside version
  • more ssh options are now configurable
  • adding an experimental feature to support a max_runtime on jobs
  • adding tronctl kill to SIGKILL a service
  • add a –no-header option to tronfig


  • action.requires must be a list (string has been deprecated since 0.3.3)
  • tronctl zap has been removed (it shouldn’t be necessary anymore)
  • service monitoring code has been re-written (services should not longer get stuck in a stopping state)
  • hosts can not be validated by specifying a known_hosts file
  • additional validation for ssh options and context variables has been moved into configuration validation
  • tronview now displays additional details about jobs and services
  • the API has changed slightly (href is now url, service status is now state)


  • Tron now supports the ability to use different users per node connection.
  • Fragmented configuration is now possible by using namespaced config files.
  • Additional cleanup and stability patches have been applied.
  • State persistence configuration can now be changed without restarting trond
  • State saving now includes a namespace, you will need to run tools/migration/migrate_state.py to migrate old state.
  • trond now expects a configuration directory. Use tools/migration/migrate_config_0.5.1_to_0.5.2.py to convert your existing config to the new format.
  • Patched an issue with SSH connections that caused an exception on channel close


  • Jobs which are disabled will no longer be re-enabled when part of their configuration changes.
  • Individual actions for a Job can no longer be started independently before a job is started. This was never intentionally supported.
  • Adding a new configuration option allow_overlap for Jobs, which allows job runs to overlap each other.
  • Jobs can now be configured using crontab syntax. see Scheduling


  • Names for nodes, jobs, actions and service can now contain underscore characters but are restricted to 255 characters.
  • trond now supports a graceful shutdown. Send trond SIGINT to have it wait for all currently running jobs to complete before shutting down. SIGTERM also performs some cleanup before terminating.
  • State serialization has changed. See State Persistence for configuration options. tools/migration/migrate_state.py is included to migrate your existing Tron state to a new store. YAML store is now deprecated.
  • All relative path options to trond and relative paths in the configuration will now be relative to the --working-dir directory instead of the current working directory.
  • Old style config, which was deprecated in 0.3 will no longer work.


  • tronview will once again attempt to find the tty width even when stdout is not a tty.
  • Fixed last_success for job context.
  • Job runs which are manually cancelled will now continue to schedule new runs.


  • Jobs now continue to run all possible actions after one of its actions fail
  • Enabling a disabled job now schedules the next run using current time instead of the last successful run (which could cause many runs to be scheduled in the past if the job had been disabled for a while)
  • Command context is now better defined. see Built-In Command Context Variables. Also adds support for a last_success keyboard which supports date arithmetic.
  • Resolved many inconsistencies and bugs around Job scheduling.


  • Logging is now configured from logging.conf, see Logging
  • Old style configuration files can be converted using tools/migration/migrate_config_0.2_to_0.3.py
  • working_dir in the configuration has been replaced by output_stream_dir


  • ! (tags), * (references), and & (anchors) are now deprecated in the trond configuration file. Support will be removed for them in 0.5.
  • Adding an enabled option for jobs, so they can be configured as disabled by default
  • tron commands (tronview, tronfig, tronctl) now support a global config (defaults to /etc/tron/tron.yaml)
  • tronview will now pipe its output through less if appropriate


  • ssh_options is actually optional
  • Cleanup actions no longer cause jobs using an interval scheduler to stop being scheduled if an action fails
  • Failed actions can be skipped, causing dependent actions to run


  • tronweb works and is documented.
  • Daylight Savings Time behavior is more well-defined. See Notes on Daylight Saving Time for more information.
  • Jobs that fail after running over their next scheduled time are no longer forgotten.
  • Reconfiguring syslog no longer requires restarting trond to take effect.
  • Syslog formatter is more meaningful (
  • Prebuilt man pages are included so you don’t need Sphinx to have them (



  • New HTML documentation. Hello!
  • Cleanup actions let you run a command after the success or failure of a job. You can use them to clean up temp files, shut down Elastic MapReduce job flows, and more. See Cleanup Actions.
  • Log to syslog by setting syslog_address in your config. See Logging.
  • “zap” command for services lets you force Tron to see a service or service instance as DOWN. See tronctl.
  • simplejson is no longer a dependency for Python 2.6 and up

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weekday-specified jobs (mon, tues, ...) running a day late
  • Fixed services being allowed in jobs list and causing weird crashes
  • Fixed missing import in www.py

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