A service is composed of several service instances which are either up or down. Service instances are daemon processes running on a node. Services are required to manage a pid file, which is used to determine the state of the service instance. Tron checks for the pid stored in the pid file every monitor_interval seconds and restarts it after restart_delay seconds if the process is no longer running.

Required Fields

Name of the service. Used in tronview and tronctl.
Reference to the node or node pool. If a pool, instances are started by round robin scheduling of the nodes in the pool.
Path to the pid file used by the service. This will typically include the command context variables name and instance_number.
Command to start the service. This command is responsible for writing the service pid to pid_file.
The number of seconds between status checks of the services state (if the process is still running or not).

Optional Fields

restart_delay (default never)
Seconds to wait before restarting the service when it appears to be down. If not specified, service instances will not be restarted when down.
count (default 1)
Number of instances of this service to keep running at once. If a node pool is used, the instances are spread across all nodes in the pool evenly by round robin scheduling.


The following is a list of states for a Service.

The service has been started. The service will remain in this state until the first monitor interval runs.
The service is running. All instances were up when they were last checked.
One or more instances of the service are unexpectedly not available. The service will go back to UP when the instance(s) are restarted.
All instances of the service are down.
Service has been stopped.

State Diagram

This diagram shows all the states and (where applicable) the command used to transition between states.

Service Instance State



Here is the example from Overview: Services:

    -   name: "email_worker"
        node: service_pool
        count: 4
        monitor_interval: 60
        restart_delay: 120
        pid_file: "/var/run/batch/%(name)s-%(instance_number)"
        command: "/usr/local/bin/start_email_worker --pid_file=%(pid_file)s"

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