tronview [-n <numshown>] [--server <server_name>] [--verbose] [<job_name> | <job_run_id> | <action_run_id>]


tronview displays the status of tron scheduled jobs and services.

Show all configured jobs and services
tronview <job_name|service_name>

Shows details for a job or service. Ex:

$ tronview my_job
tronview <job_run_id|service_instance_id>

Show details for specific run or instance. Ex:

$ tronview my_job.0
tronview <action_run_id>

Show details for specific action run. Ex:

$ tronview my_job.0.my_action


show program’s version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
Verbose logging
The maximum number of job runs or lines of output to display(0 for show all). Does not affect the display of all jobs and the display of actions for given job.
Server URL to connect to
-c, --color
Display in color
Display without color
-o, --stdout
Solely displays stdout
-e, --stderr
Solely displays stderr
Show events for the specified entity
-s, --save
Save server and color options to client config file (~/.tron)


For complete list of states with a diagram of valid transitions see and

See Also

trond (8), tronctl (1), tronfig (1),

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