Welcome to Triangula’s Python documentation!


Coming to EMF2016 ? I’ll be doing a talk about this code, maths and all the hardware on the Sunday at 10am, come along and heckle me for my poor documentation skills and over-caffeinated presentation style!

This site contains documentation for Triangula, my competition entry for PiWars 2015.

Triangula’s code is a mix of Python running on a Raspberry Pi, and C code running on an Arduino microcontroller. This site primarily addresses the Python code, which should hopefully be re-usable in other projects. To get the code from PyPi you can run pip install triangula, although this will only work properly when run on a Raspberry Pi as it depends on some native libraries which are exclusive to Linux. I haven’t tried using it on other Linux systems.

To work with the code on other platforms you’ll want to clone it from GitHub, it’s available under the ASL, the same as almost everything Python based, and should hopefully provide a good starting point for your own robot exploration. The code should be useful to you in particular if you’re interested in Holonomic robots, or wish to use a PlayStation3 controller with your project.