Trello Documentation



>>> from trello import TrelloApi
>>> trello = TrelloApi(TRELLO_APP_KEY)
>>> trello.boards.get('4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c')
    "closed": false,
    "desc": "Trello board used by the Trello team to track work on Trello.  How meta!\n\nThe development of the Trello API is being tracked at\n\nThe development of Trello Mobile applications is being tracked at",
    "id": "4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c",
    "idOrganization": "4e1452614e4b8698470000e0",
    "name": "Trello Development",
    "pinned": true,
    "prefs": {
        "comments": "public",
        "invitations": "members",
        "permissionLevel": "public",
        "voting": "public"
    "url": ""

Because the Trello development board is public, we didn’t need a user’s token, but if we want to access private boards, we’ll have to have one. We can get it by calling:

>>> trello.get_token_url('My App', expires='30days', write_access=True)


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