Source code for stravalib.exc

from __future__ import division, absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

class AuthError(RuntimeError):

class LoginFailed(AuthError):

[docs]class LoginRequired(AuthError): """ Login is required to perform specified action. """
[docs]class UnboundEntity(RuntimeError): """ Exception used to indicate that a model Entity is not bound to client instances. """
[docs]class Fault(RuntimeError): """ Container for exceptions raised by the remote server. """
[docs]class RateLimitExceeded(RuntimeError): """ Exception raised when the client rate limit has been exceeded. """
class ActivityUploadFailed(RuntimeError): pass class ErrorProcessingActivity(ActivityUploadFailed): pass class CreatedActivityDeleted(ActivityUploadFailed): pass class TimeoutExceeded(RuntimeError): pass
[docs]class NotAuthenticatedAthlete(AuthError): """ Exception when trying to access data which requires an authenticated athlete """ pass