The Console is where you may enter, interact with and visualize data, inside a command interpreter. All the commands entered in the console are executed in a separate process, thus allowing the user to interrupt any process at any time.


Many command windows may be created in the Console:

  • Python interpreter
  • Running Python script
  • System command window (this terminal emulation window has quite limited features compared to a real terminal: it may be useful on Windows platforms where the system terminal is not much more powerful - on the contrary, on GNU/Linux, a real system terminal is opened, outside Spyder)

Python-based command windows support the following features:

  • Code completion and calltips
  • Variable explorer with GUI-based editors for arrays, lists, dictionaries, strings, etc.
  • Debugging with standard Python debugger (pdb): at each breakpoint the corresponding script is opened in the Editor at the breakpoint line number
  • User Module Deleter (see below)

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