class sprox.viewbase.ViewBase(provider_hint=None, **provider_hints)

Bases: sprox.configbase.ConfigBase

Modifiers :
Name Description Default
__widget_selector_type__ What class to use for widget selection. WidgetSelector
__field_widgets__ A dictionary of widgets to replace the ones that would be chosen by the selector {}
__field_widget_types__ A dictionary of types of widgets, allowing sprox to determine the widget args {}
__field_widget_args__ A dictionary of types of args for widgets, you to override the args sent to the fields {}
__base_widget_type__ The base widget for this config Widget
__base_widget_args__ Args to pass into the widget overrides any defaults that are set in sprox creation {}
__widget_selector__ an instantiated object to use for widget selection. None

Also, see the sprox.configbase modifiers.

class sprox.viewbase.ClassViewer(klass)

Bases: object

class wrapper to expose items of a class. Needed to pass classes to TW as params


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