Welcome to simplegist’s documentation!

Helps in carrying out easy workflow for maintaining gists


  • Creating gists returning the url, script and clone link for copy-paste purpose
  • Checkout one’s gists - Name(s), Description and Content
  • Edit and Delete a gist
  • Search GitHub user’s gist - fork, star and unstar them
  • List comments of any gist, make/edit a comment on a gist, delete a comment


$ pip install simplegist

Or download it from here and then,

$ cd /to/this/directory/
$ python install setup.py

Generating Github API Access Token

Go to Github’s Account settings > Applications Create a new token and use it for making API requests instead of password.

Creating an Instance

# if USERNAME and API_TOKEN are not provided in config.py
GHgist = Simplegist(username='USERNAME',api_token='API_TOKEN')

# else
GHgist = Simplegist()

Example Usage

Below is an example to getting started with using GistAPI and its useful functionalities.

from simplegist import SimpleGist

# provide USERNAME and API_TOKEN in config.py file, so just, GHgist = Gist(), OR,
GHgist = Simplegist(username='USERNAME',api_token='API_TOKEN')

# creating gist and returning url, script, clone link
GHgist.create(name='_GISTNAME', description='_ANY_DESCRIPTION', public=1, content='_CONTENT_GOES_HERE')

# Lists all the names of authenticated user's gists

# Lists only the names of recent two gists of user '_USERNAME'

# Lists all the comments on gist named '_GISTNAME' of user '_USERNAME'

# ...and many more...