Source code for seapy.materials.material


.. autoclass:: Material

import abc
import math
import cmath
import numpy as np

from weakref import WeakSet
import logging

from ..base import Base, Spectrum, LinkedList

[docs]class Material(Base): """ Abstract Material Class """ SORT = 'Material' _DEPENDENCIES = [] density = 0.0 """ Density :math:`\\rho` of the material. """ temperature = 293.0 """ Temperature :math:`T` in kelvin. """ pressure = 0.0 """ Pressure :math:`p` """ bulk = 0.0 """ Bulk modulus """ loss_factor = Spectrum(dtype='float64') """ Loss factor :math:`\\eta` of the material. """ linked_components = LinkedList() """ Components linked to this subsystem. """
[docs] def __init__(self, name, system, **properties): """Constructor. :param name: Name :type name: :func:`str` :param system: System :type system: :class:`seapy.system.System` """ #self.loss_factor = np.zeros(0) super().__init__(name, system, **properties)
[docs] def disable(self, components=False): """ Disable this material. Optionally disable dependent components. :param components: Disable components :type components: bool """ self._enabled = False if components: for component in self.linked_components: component.disable()
[docs] def enable(self, components=False): """ Enable this material. Optionally enable dependent components. :param components: Enable components :type components: bool """ self._enabled = True if components: for component in self.linked_components: component.enable()
def __del__(self): """Destructor.""" for component in self.linked_components:"Deleting linked component %s", component) self.system.removeObject(component) #del self.system._objects[component] #self.system.materials.remove( super().__del__()