Source code for seapy.components.structural

Structural component

This is an abstract base class for structural components.


import numpy as np
from .component import Component

[docs]class ComponentStructural(Component): """Abstract base class for structural components. """ availableSubsystems = ['Long', 'Bend', 'Shear'] @property
[docs] def velocity(self): """Velocity of the component :math:`v_{component}`. :rtype: :class:`numpy.ndarray` This is the sum of all subsystems velocities. """ return sum(subsystem.velocity for subsystem in self.linked_subsystems)
[docs] def velocity_level(self): """ Velocity level :math:`L_v`. :rtype: :class:`numpy.ndarray` The structural velocity level is calculated as .. math:: L_v = 20 \\log_{10}{\\left( \\frac{v}{v_0} \\right) } .. seealso:: :attr:`seapy.system.System.reference_velocity` """ return 20.0 * np.log10(self.velocity / self.system.reference_velocity )