rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory – SMS Inventory Helper

class rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory.BatchFoundEvent(**kwargs)

Event which is posted to the InventoryHelperDialog instance whenever the worker thread finds a new batch file.

class rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory.BatchFinder(dialog, **kwargs)

Worker thread which monitors the incoming batch queue folder, and reports events to the dialog when new files arrive.

class rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory.ConfirmQuantityDialog(parent, product, units, *args, **kwds)

Dialog used to prompt the user to confirm the multiplier to be used whenever a product is encountered which has its Force Quantity flag checked.

class rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory.InventoryHelperDialog(*args, **kwds)

Dialog providing the “SMS Inventory Helper” utility.

class rattail.sw.locsms.wx.Inventory.ScanBatchDialog(parent, batch_path, *args, **kwds)

This dialog displays the contents of a scan batch, and provides tools for converting the batch to an SMS inventory import batch, etc.

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