rasterstats is a Python module for summarizing geospatial raster datasets based on vector geometries. It includes functions for zonal statistics and interpolated point queries. The command-line interface allows for easy interoperability with other GeoJSON tools.

Raster data support

Can work with any raster data source supported by rasterio. Data can be categorical (e.g. vegetation types) or continuous values (e.g. elevation).

Vector data support

Flexible support for vector features with Point, LineString, Polygon or Multi* geometries. Any fiona data source, GeoJSON-like mapping, objects with a geo_interface, GeoJSON strings and Well-Known Text/Binary (WKT/WKB) geometries are all supported via the io submodule.



pip install rasterstats

Given a polygon vector layer and a digitial elevation model (DEM) raster:

zones elevation

calculate summary statistics of elevation for each polygon using:

from rasterstats import zonal_stats
zonal_stats("polygons.shp", "elevation.tif",
            stats="count min mean max median")

returns a list of dicts, one for each Feature in polygons.shp:

 {'count': 89,
  'max': 69.52958679199219,
  'mean': 20.08093536034059,
  'median': 19.33736801147461,
  'min': 1.5106816291809082},

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