Source code for rabacus.rad_src.hm12

""" A module for loading the Haardt and Madau 2012 spectral model 
(see :class:`~rabacus.uv_bgnd.hm12.HM12_UVB_Table`).  
The returned spectrum will be normalized as in the HM12 model.  Further 
adjustments to normalization are handled through classes derived from 
:class:`~rabacus.rad_src.source.Source`. """ 

import numpy as np
from rabacus.uv_bgnd.hm12 import HM12_UVB_Table

__all__ = ['HM12Spectrum']

[docs]class HM12Spectrum: """ Provides the HM12 spectral shape. Args: `source`: a class derived from (:class:`~rabacus.rad_src.source.Source`) `z` (float): redshift .. seealso:: :class:`~rabacus.rad_src.powerlaw.PowerlawSpectrum`, :class:`~rabacus.rad_src.thermal.ThermalSpectrum`, :class:`~rabacus.rad_src.monochromatic.MonochromaticSpectrum` """ def __init__( self, source, z ): # attach input specific to HM12 #----------------------------------------------------------------- self.z = z = HM12_UVB_Table() Inu = z, source.lam ) # return the spectral shape #----------------------------------------------------------------- self.yvals = Inu.magnitude