A set of Unix tools implemented in pure Python

Author:Hartmut Goebel <>
Copyright:GNU Public Licence v3 (GPLv3)
Tags:bzip2, gzip, tar

These tools are currently only meant as supplement to be able to use distutils’s sdist_tar, sdist_bztar and sdist_gztar on Windows/Wine. Thus they currently only support the flags required by distutils.

But perhaps this will grow. Feel free to enhance.


distutils command sdist calls external programs (tar, gzip, bzip2) if requested to generate formats tar, gztar or bztar. Since distutils should be kept compatible with Python 2.1, this will not change any soon. But if you want to create these formats on Windows (or at least on a minimalistic set up Wine environment) you’ll need the respective executables. I did not find a reliable and trusted source within time, so I decided that the easiest way would be to just implement these programs in Python. Now here we are :-)


Source Code Repository

The source of python-unixtools is maintained at GitLab

  • You may browse the current repository at the Repository Browser

  • Or you may check out the current version by running:

    git clone

Issue Tracker

Sorry, since we needed to move away from origo, we currently do not have an issue tracker. Tips where good hosted trackers are available are welcome.

Historical Note

python-unixtools was hosted at, but this site closed at 2012-05-31.

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