DMTF Redfish specification

This directory contains the current references from the DMTF on the Redfish specification (1.0.1 at the time of the writing)

The overall protocol documentation can be found online at:
The specification can be found locally in DSP0266_1.0.1.pdf or online at:
The data model documentation can be found locally in or online at:

In order to ease test, the DMTF has published a mockup environment to simulate a Redfish based system so it is possible to write programs without real Redfish compliant hardware platform.

Note: Mockup release is still 0.99.0a and so not aligned with specification realease number.

Docker container

In order to help testing python-redfish, this directory provides a script which you should be able to run on your system (providing you have docker support and a docker registry) which will create a docker container running the DMTF Redfish mockup on the port 8000.

To build your container, just issue: ./ To launch it, just issue: ./ To use it, just issue: firefox http://localhost:8000/redfish/v1

Systems entry point: http://localhost:8000/redfish/v1/Systems

Chassis entry point: http://localhost:8000/redfish/v1/Chassis

Managers entry point: http://localhost:8000/redfish/v1/Managers