Installing / Upgrading

HPELeftHandClient is in the Python Package Index.

Installing with pip

We prefer pip to install hpelefthandclient on platforms other than Windows:

$ pip install python-lefthandclient

To upgrade using pip:

$ pip install --upgrade python-lefthandclient

Installing with easy_install

If you must install hpelefthandclient using setuptools do:

$ easy_install python-lefthandclient

To upgrade do:

$ easy_install -U python-lefthandclient

Installing from source

If you’d rather install directly from the source (i.e. to stay on the bleeding edge), install the C extension dependencies then check out the latest source from github and install the driver from the resulting tree:

$ git clone git://
$ cd python-lefthandclient/
$ pip install .

Uninstalling an old client

If the older HPLeftHandClient was installed on the system already it will need to be removed. Run the following command to remove it:

$ sudo pip uninstall hplefthandclient

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