Python bindings to the HDCloud API


First create an instance with your creds:

>>> from hdcloud import HDCloud
>>> hdcloud = HDCloud(USERNAME, PASSWORD)

You’ll need an HD Cloud account to use this library. You can either use your account’s username/password, or you can use a developer token from your user profile page and use those credentials instead.

Then call methods on the HDCloud object:

class hdcloud.HDCloud
The JobManager - start, stop, and query jobs.
The ProfileManager - query encoding profiles.
The StoreManager - query file storage locations.

For example:

[<Job: 12345 - completed>]

>>> hdcloud.stores.get(id=2)
<Store: my store>

For details, see:

See also

HD Cloud’s API documentation.


Development takes place on GitHub; please file bugs/pull requests there. Run tests with python test.

Development on this project was funded by Discovery - thanks!

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