HandlerSocket plugin

First, you’ll have to get this working. At the moment of writing the only way to do this, was getting the source code, compiling it and loading into the MySQL instance. Keep the HandlerSocket up to date as the client gets updated from time to time as new features or changes appear in the plugin.

See also

Installation guide
HandlerSocket installation guide at the official repository.

The Client

At the moment you can install pyhs by either using pip, easy_install, downloading from PyPI or getting source directly from bitbucket.

Pip way

This is very simple, just run:

pip install python-handler-socket

Or this to get the latest (not yet released on PyPI):

pip install hg+

This command will install the package into your site-packages or dist-packages.


Clone the source from the repository and install it:

hg clone
cd pyhs
python install

By default additional C speedups are also built and installed (if possible). However, if they are not needed, please use --without-speedups option.

Testing installation

Check your installation by running this in Python interpreter:

from pyhs import __version__
print __version__

This should show currently installed version of pyhs. You’re all set now.