In MVC design, the controller is in charge of things. It takes processes events and decides what data to ask the model for, manipulates the data according to the information in the event, and decides which view to send the results to to be rendered.

Cross-site request forgery is a technique where a malicious website can gain access to another web site by hijaacking a currently open session that the user has open to the site. This technique can also affect identification via SSL Certificates or anything else that the browser sends to the server automatically when a request is made.

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CSRF Protection


Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit that aims to be a standard library for JavaScript. It provides a small core library with useful functions and an expanded set of scripts that can be added that provide widgets and other features.

double submit
A strategy to foil CSRF attacks. This strategy involves sending the value of the authentication cookie (or something derivable only from knowing the value of the authentication cookie) in the body of the request. Since the Same Origin Policy prevents a web site other than the one originating the cookie from reading what’s in the cookie, the server can be reasonably assured that the request does not originate from an unknown request on another website. Note that this and other anti-CSRF measures do not protect against spoofing or getting a user to actively click on a link on an attacked website by mistake.

A simple Python web framework that we’re using in parts of Fedora Infrastructure. It provides good documentation and simplicity in its design.


JavaScript Object Notation is a format for marshalling data. It is based on a subset of JavaScript that is used to declare objects. Compared to xml, JSON is a lightweight, easily parsed format.

In MVC design, the layer that deals directly with the data.

A specification for single sign on to web services where the authentication server and the application seeking to have the user authenticated do not need to have complete trust in each other.

Same Origin Policy

A web browser security policy that prevents one website from reading: 1) the cookies from another website 2) the response body from another website

single sign-on
A feature that allows one login to authenticate a user for multiple applications. So logging into one application will authenticate you for all the applications that support the same single-sign-on infrastructure.

A Python web framework that most of Fedora Infrastructure’s apps are built on.


The successor to TurboGears, TurboGears2 provides a very similar framework to coders but has some notable differences. It is based on pylons and paste so it is much more tightly integrated with WSGI. The differences with :ref`TurboGears`1 are largely with the organization of code and how to configure the application.

In MVC design, the layer that takes care of formatting and rendering data for the consumer. This could be displaying the data as an html page or marshalling it into JSON objects.

WSGI is an interface between web servers and web frameworks that originated in the Python community. WSGI lets different components embed each other even if they were originally written for different python web frameworks.