Common exceptions

exception djvu.decode.NotAvailable

A resource not (yet) available.

exception djvu.sexpr.ExpressionSyntaxError

Syntax error while parsing an S-expression.

exception djvu.sexpr.InvalidExpression

Invalid S-expression.

Job status

exception djvu.decode.JobException

Status of a job. Possibly, but not necessarily, exceptional.

Inheritance diagram:

Inheritance diagram of JobNotDone, JobNotStarted, JobStarted, JobDone, JobOK, JobFailed, JobStopped

exception djvu.decode.JobNotDone

Operation is not yet done.

exception djvu.decode.JobNotStarted

Operation was not even started.

exception djvu.decode.JobStarted

Operation is in progress.

exception djvu.decode.JobDone

Operation finished.

exception djvu.decode.JobOK

Operation finished successfully.

exception djvu.decode.JobFailed

Operation failed because of an error.

exception djvu.decode.JobStopped

Operation was interrupted by user.