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pysym is an experimental Python package for symbolic manipulation with limited scope (as in minimal). It tries to stay compatible with the API of SymPy. It should be viewed as a prototype and not as a “production” package.

The capabilities include:

  • Differentiation
  • (slow) numerical evaluation (including “lambdify” support)

The above capabilities are exactly what is needed by pyodesys and pyneqsys.


Autogenerated API documentation is found here: https://pythonhosted.org/pysym (and dev docs are here: http://hera.physchem.kth.se/~pysym/branches/master/html).


Simplest way to install pysym and its (optional) dependencies is to use pip:

$ pip install --user pysym pytest
$ python -m pytest --pyargs pysym

or the conda package manager:

$ conda install -c bjodah pysym pytest
$ python -m pytest --pyargs pysym

There are no requirements outside the Python standard library.

Source distribution is available here: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pysym



>>> from pysym import Symbol, tan
>>> x, y = map(Symbol, 'x y'.split())
>>> expr = x*y**2 - tan(2*x)
>>> print(expr.diff(x))
((y**2) - ((1 + (tan((2*x))**2))*2))

for more examples, see examples/, and rendered jupyter notebooks here: http://hera.physchem.kth.se/~pysym/master/examples


The source code is Open Source and is released under the simplified 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for further details. Contributors are welcome to suggest improvements at https://github.com/bjodah/pysym


Björn I. Dahlgren, contact:

  • gmail address: bjodah
  • kth.se address: bda