SMB Exceptions

class smb.base.SMBTimeout[source]

Raised when a timeout has occurred while waiting for a response or for a SMB/CIFS operation to complete.

class smb.base.NotReadyError[source]

Raised when SMB connection is not ready (i.e. not authenticated or authentication failed)

class smb.base.NotConnectedError[source]

Raised when underlying SMB connection has been disconnected or not connected yet

class smb.smb_structs.UnsupportedFeature[source]

Raised when an supported feature is present/required in the protocol but is not currently supported by pysmb

class smb.smb_structs.ProtocolError(message, data_buf=None, smb_message=None)[source]
class smb.smb_structs.OperationFailure(message, smb_messages)[source]