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There are two Python scripts included in the distribution which demonstrate Skein hashing and Threefish encryption with PySkein. Please note that both scripts are written for demonstration of the functionality of PySkein only. I do not claim that they are secure or fit for any other purpose.


This script does its best to mimic the behaviour of the well known tools md5sum, sha1sum or sha256sum. It hashes all specified files with Skein-512-256 and prints the resulting hexdigest.

$ skeinsum COPYING
63fb45390c188b7ba0e8eb2ed0e2fefa8416da515f0b28e670345ecd0de673dc  COPYING


With this script you can try out file encryption and decryption with Threefish in a variant of tweak block chaining mode. This mode is designed for tweakable block ciphers, using an encrypted block as tweak value for the encryption of the next block.

Since Threefish has a block size of 32, 64 or 128 bytes and a tweak size of 16 bytes, tweak block chaining cannot be implemented without modification. The script runs Threefish with a block size of 32 bytes and uses the first 16 bytes of an encrypted block as tweak value for the next encryption. A random initial tweak value is used (and saved together with the encrypted file).

To encrypt the last block of the file, random bytes are appended to pad it to the block size of 32 bytes. The original length of the block is then encoded in the 5 least significant bits of the last byte of the block.

Note that there is no obvious way to verify whether the key used for decryption is correct or not. Decryption will always succeed and produce garbage in the case of a wrong key. This is good enough for demonstration purposes (and may even be desired in some circumstances) and could trivially be changed by using checksums anyway.

The 256 bit key value is derived by hashing the password entered at the command line with Skein-512-256.

$ threefish encrypt README
$ ls README*
$ threefish decrypt README.3f
$ diff README README.orig

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