PyRecord: Pythonic Record Types

Author:Gustavo Narea
License:Apache License v2
Latest version:1.0.1


A record (aka “struct” in C) is a pre-defined collection of values where each is accessed by a unique name. Depending on the nature of the data, records may be a superior alternative to dictionaries and instances of custom classes.

PyRecord allows you to use records in CPython v2.7, CPython v3.3+, PyPy and PyPy v3, and can be thought of as an improved namedtuple.

In Python terms, a record is an instance of any class for which you define some attributes but no methods. Such classes, which are known as record types, can be easily written but require a lot of noisy boilerplate. This is where PyRecord comes into play: It saves you the boilerplate so you can focus on what really matters.

The following example demonstrates how you can define record types:

>>> from pyrecord import Record
>>> Person = Record.create_type("Person", "name", "email_address")
>>> Student = Person.extend_type("Student", "courses_read", "graduation_date", graduation_date=None)
>>> Professor = Person.extend_type("Professor", "course_taught")

And this is how you could create some records with those types:

>>> john_student = Student("John Smith", "", ["Calculus", "Economics"])
>>> john_professor = Professor("John Doe", "", "OOP")
>>> john_professor2 = Professor(email_address="", name="John Doe", course_taught="OOP")
>>> jane_student = Student("Jane Doe", "", ["Calculus", "OOP"], datetime(1995, 10, 4))
>>> jane_professor = Professor("Jane Doe", "", "Calculus")
>>> alice_student = Student("Alice Smith", "")
Traceback (most recent call last):
pyrecord.exceptions.RecordInstanceError: Field "courses_read" is undefined

Finally, this is how you would use the records above:

>>> john_student
Student(name='John Smith', email_address='', courses_read=['Calculus', 'Economics'], graduation_date=None)
'John Smith'
>>> = "John Smith Jr."
>>> john_student
Student(name='John Smith Jr.', email_address='', courses_read=['Calculus', 'Economics'], graduation_date=None)
>>> john_student == john_professor
>>> john_professor == john_professor2
>>> john_student == john_student.copy()
>>> jane_student == jane_professor
>>> jane_person1 = Person.init_from_specialization(jane_student)
>>> jane_person2 = Person.init_from_specialization(jane_professor)
>>> jane_person1 == jane_person2

PyRecord doesn’t have external dependencies and you can get it from PYPI or install it with pip:

pip install pyrecord

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