pypcapfile is a pure-Python library for reading and parsing packets from a libpcap savefile.

The core functionality is implemented in pcapfile.savefile:

>>> from pcapfile import savefile
>>> sf = savefile.load_savefile('test.pcap')
[+] attempting to load test.pcap
[+] found valid header
[+] loaded 11 packets
[+] finished loading savefile.
>>> print sf
big-endian capture file version 2.4
snapshot length: 65535
linklayer type: LINKTYPE_ETHERNET
number of packets: 11

You can a look at the packets in sf.packets:

>>> pkt = sf.packets[0]
>>> p.raw()
<binary data snipped>
>>> p.timestamp

In the future, pypcapfile will support more enhancements, such as protocol parsing.

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