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Public tracker

PyMQI uses GitHub‘s infrastructure for tracking public issues and questions, feel free to submit anything here

Support and consulting

  • Dariusz Suchojad (, the current PyMQI’s project lead and a seasoned systems architect, is available for consulting work, including custom development and support of solutions using PyMQI,
  • Les Smithson is the original author and maintainer of PyMQI. Les is available for Python, MQ, Linux/Unix & C/C++ consulting assignments. See here for his CV and more details.

Platforms other than Linux

Note that the author has access to Linux 64-bit only hence the free support can be provided for that platform only. Please contact to discuss terms of paid support on other systems, such as AIX, Solaris, Windows or any other.


Any security-related issues will be given top priority and should be reported directly to the project lead (Dariusz Suchojad, You are encouraged to use this PGP key for contacting me securely, the key’s fingerprint is C9D9FD34.


If you’re not sure where to send your question feel free to e-mail me directly at

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