#include <libmilter/mfapi.h>
sfsistat (*xxfi_close)(
The current connection is being closed.
Called When xxfi_close is always called once at the end of each connection.
Default Behavior Do nothing; return SMFIS_CONTINUE.
ctx Opaque context structure.
  • xxfi_close may be called "out-of-order", i.e. before even the xxfi_connect is called. After a connection is established by the MTA to the filter, if the MTA decides this connection's traffic will be discarded (e.g. via an access_db result), no data will be passed to the filter from the MTA until the client closes down. At that time, xxfi_close is called. It can therefore be the only callback ever used for a given connection, and developers should anticipate this possibility when crafting their xxfi_close code. In particular, it is incorrect to assume the private context pointer will be something other than NULL in this callback.
  • xxfi_close is called on close even if the previous mail transaction was aborted.
  • xxfi_close is responsible for freeing any resources allocated on a per-connection basis.
  • Since the connection is already closing, the return value is currently ignored.

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