#include <libmilter/mfapi.h>
int smfi_opensocket(
	bool rmsocket
Attempt to create the interface socket MTAs will use to connect to the filter.
Called When Called only from program mainline, after calling smfi_setconn() and smfi_register(), but before calling smfi_main().
Effects smfi_opensocket attempts to create the socket specified previously by a call to smfi_setconn() which will be the interface between MTAs and the filter. This allows the calling application to ensure that the socket can be created. If this is not called, smfi_main() will do so implicitly.
rmsocket A flag indicating whether or not the library should try to remove any existing UNIX domain socket before trying to create a new one.
RETURN VALUES smfi_opensocket will fail and return MI_FAILURE if:
  • The interface socket could not be created for any reason.
  • rmsocket was true, and either the socket could not be examined, or exists and could not be removed.
  • smfi_setconn() or smfi_register() have not been called.
Otherwise, it will return MI_SUCCESS

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