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PyGTKHelpers, because being stabbed in the eye hurts, somewhat

What is PyGTKHelpers?

PyGTKHelpers is a library to assist the building of PyGTK applications. It is intentionally designed to be non-frameworky, and blend well with your particular style of PyGTK development.

PyGTKHelpers provides a number of widespread features including: View delegation, MVC, mixed GtkBuilder/Python views, widget proxying, signal auto-connection, object-base lists and trees, a number of helper widgets, utility functions for assisting creating new GObject types, unit testing helpers and utilities to help debug PyGTK applications.

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PyGTKHelpers attempts to adhere to good practice, and is well unit tested. We generally believe it to be awesome, and present it to the community under the LGPL license, which can be viewed online at