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pyNFFT is a set of Pythonic wrapper classes around the NFFT library. The aim is to provide access to the core functionalities of the library using a more straightforward instantiation through Python classes, while keeping similar naming conventions to the C-library structures and routines.

Right now, only the NFFT and solver components of the library are supported. Support for other components may come in the future, but is conditionned by the author’s need for them. If you’re interested in getting these components wrapped as well, please feel free to contribute.

The design of the pyNFFT package assumes that the NFFT has been compiled with OpenMP support.

The core interface of the NFFT is provided by the unified class, pynfft.nfft.NFFT. The solver interface is in pynfft.solver.Solver.

A comprehensive unittest suite is included with the source on the repository. The suite will be updated as more functionalities get introducted.

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