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Author:Leif Johansson <>

pyFF is a simple but reasonably complete SAML metadata processor. It is intended to be used by anyone who needs to aggregate, validate, combine, transform, sign or publish SAML metadata.

Possible usecases include running an federation aggregator, filtering metdata for use by a discovery service, generating reports from metadata (eg certificate expiration reports), transforming metadata to add custom elements.

pyFF supports producing and validating digital signatures on SAML metadata using the pyXMLSecurity package which in turn supports using PKCS#11-modules - notoriously difficult to achieve using other tools.

pyFF is not a SAML metadata registry. If you need one of those have a look at the PEER project (also on pypi).

The pyFF logo is the chemical symbol for sublimation - a process by which elements are transitioned from solid to gas without becoming liquids.

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