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First steps with psphere

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This is the documentation for psphere, native Python bindings for the vSphere Web Services SDK/VMware Infrastructure SDK.


psphere implements the following VMware SDKs:

  • VMware Infrastructure SDK 2.5
  • VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 4.0 and later

I’m currently developing against vCenter 4.1 so please raise any bugs for other versions.

See the vSphere Web Services SDK Documentation for further information on VMware SDKs at

Installing psphere

# pip install -U psphere

Or if you want to use the latest development branch:

$ hg clone
$ cd psphere
$ sudo python install
$ ./examples/ --server --username youruser --password yourpass
Successfully connected to
Server time is 2010-09-05 00:14:06.037575


See First steps with psphere for an introductory tutorial. It also contains links to more advanced sections in this manual.