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Current version: 0.5.1

Get psphere from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

pip install -U psphere

Latest development version docs are also available.

Questions? Suggestions?

You can sometimes find me in the #python channel on FreeNode.

You can also open an issue at the tracker.


psphere provides native Python bindings for the vSphere Web Services SDK (formerly known as VMware Infrastructure SDK). The project is in its early phases but can already perform most query operations and virtual machine creation.

psphere is in no way affiliated with VMware Inc.


Get psphere

psphere is available as an easy-installable package on the Python Package Index.


The code can be found in a Mercurial repository, at my bitbucket page.

Get in touch via bitbucket if you think that you can contribute to psphere. This is my first Python and open-source project so I would appreciate any feedback or advice!